Welcome to Science & Innovation Activity Centre

Welcome to Science & Innovation Activity Centre

Shaping Future for Better World

SIAC is a joint venture of Agricultural Development Trust, Baramati, and Rajiv Gandhi Science & Technology Commission (Govt. of Maharashtra), Mumbai. The aim is to encourage and prepare its students for successful further study and lifelong contributions in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

SIAC is designed to popularize science and also provide a chance to students of high and higher secondary classes to perform science practical tests. The aim of the initiative is to provide students the opportunity to know interesting scientific

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Innovation Starts Here!

Science with Fun!

The Three E’s


Students learn to conduct themselves in any environment, gain confidence and develop new skills.


Experiments helps students to build ownership of the new idea and use it to scaffold learning


Exploration promotes curiosity and discovery in students while limiting their fear of failure.

The secret of getting ahead is

getting started.